Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great Weekend Retreat!

I just got back from a three day workshop at the Volutonwn Peace Trust, the workshop was given by David Hooker he is a great presenter. I learned a lot about facilitating meetings and the workshop was well worth the time, he kept it moved right along and the hours went by fast. The workshop was held in the A.J. Muste Conference Center on the property and I stayed at the women’s dorm, Rachel Corrie House the two nights. The Volutonwn Peace Trust is a communal living farm with about eight or ten members living there, while we were there they were harvesting some of the crops before the first frost. We all helped out with cleaning up after meals and cleaning up the conference hall and the dorm after the workshop. The workshop participants came from mostly non-profits or religious organizations and were mostly young activist.
The only negative thing about the Voluntown Peace Trust was that most of the members are vegetarians so there was almost no meat; the only meat that they severed was the sausages that I brought. Another workshop participant came up to me and thanked me for bring them. The first that I did on the way home was stop at a fast food place and had a hamburger.
After the workshop was over I stayed around awhile to go hiking with some of them at a local state park and while we were hiking we came along on a seagull that was trapped in fishing line. The bird was exhausted and didn’t move while we set him free. It got me so mad that fisherman leave the fishing line around like that and animals get caught in the line.

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{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Glad you had a great time!
I would've been irritated about the sea gull as well. :(