Sunday, December 24, 2006

3x Thursday

1. Do you believe there's such a thing as a chemical imbalance? Do you think that treating these problems with drugs is a good thing? Why/why not?
Yes, we can see the effects on various other parts of our bodies when we get out of chemical balance. If I don’t drink a lot of water my heart starts to palpitate and skip beats, if I don ‘t have enough salt I get cramps in my legs so why not our brains if we do not have the right chemical balance.

2. What about drugs for brain-related stuff like depression? Do you think one should be able to get over it themselves, or do you think sometimes we all need a little help, and sometimes we need meds for awhile?
I think one should try first to get over it without drugs and if not we should then look at various other ways including drugs.

3. Who do you turn to when you have emotional crises? Why?
My brother and his wife, they are my family. And if I need more than they can provide, I would look for professional help.

Bonus Question for Comments: Are you ready to deal with Xmas? Will you be happy or sad when the holidays are over?
I am never ready for the Holidays and I feel I will have mixed emotions. One of those emotion will be knowing I will have to go back to work on the January 2nd.

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