Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Hampshire Held A Hearing For The Gender Inclusive Anti-Discrimination Bill

Transgender people plead for law change
By KAREN LOVETT Staff Writer

Blanchette [a computer programmer who was fired when she transitioned] was one of a number of people who testified in favor of the bill at Thursday's hearing in Concord. Nobody testified against the proposal.

"There is a real and persistent threat against the transgender community," said Allyson Robinson, associate director of diversity at the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, D.C.

Added Jason Wu, an attorney with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, "The transgender community is the most vulnerable in the state."
There were comments from the usual people who call this “special rights,” but there were two comments that I found interesting…

To be very honest, while I always find transgenderism a bit repulsive on a personal level, they should be protected against such blatant discrimination.

We are not asking to be liked or for your approval, just protected from discrimination as he said in the above comment.

I live in a state where this "rights" law is already enacted. New Jersey made it law two years ago. It has become a huge "ho Hum" The dire warnings of some religious "leaders" did not come to pass…

The opposition paints doom and gloom if the Anti-Discrimination bill is passed here in Connecitcut, but that just doesn’t happen. 39% of the U.S. population is covered by gender inclusive Non-Discrimination statues and there has been no excessive law suites, no assaults in bathroom by trans-people and not harmful affect on schoolchildren. As the right wing conservatives clams would happen.

In addition, notice there was not one person who spoke against the bill. Why? Is it because the opposition does not want their hate, bigotry and lies in the public record for everyone to see? Is it because they would rather have a whispering campaign where they can hide their lies from the public?

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  1. It's amazing how much I've learned about your plight since I first started reading your blog. It makes me feel so sad to know that there are still people out there who are fighting so hard, and still being brought down by the larger groups.