Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sad News

I not going to into details because her story is like many trans teenagers when they transition, their teenage years is probably the most stressful time of their life and couple that with transitioning the stress can become agonizing. Even with total support from the family, school, and church it is still taxing on teens, and in one case it was unbearable.

The News Times reported that she had support from her parents, the other students, the school, and her church…
It wasn’t a lack of support from family, friends or school officials that led to Emelia’s death, her mother said. “It was suicidal depression,” she said.
…She was proud member of St. Paul’s Church in Norwalk and was on the church’s choir and a member of its music ministry for eight years
Hormone treatment or not, her school and friends had tried to make her more comfortable. The school was planning to allow her to live in the girls’ dormitory rooms, her classmate said. And no one knew of bullying or harsh words for Emelia.
Then why, if she had all that support?

That is one thing that we will never know.

When I posted the article on a support groups Facebook page a number of members asked what they can do to help other trans children. My reply was that they just took the first step and now they must take to the second step.

I told them that there are many non-profits that help LGBT students such as GLSEN and here in Connecticut True Colors and if you want to help; volunteer to become a mentor! They are always looking mentors and they are also always looking for foster parents. You will have to go to training and have a DCF background check.

But the thing is you have to be committed! You can’t start and then drop out because then you hurt others who are now counting on you. You will be just another adult who is letting them down.

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