Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Think That This Is What We All Want

Whether we are cisgender or transgender we all just want to live our lives in peace.

But sometimes we have to fight for our rights, sometimes someone gets in our way and we have to take legal action.
Transgender woman wants normal life, like anyone else
Time Herald Record
By Sharon E. Siegel
January 6, 2017

At first the company president vowed his support, Fuller said, but as transitioning began this changed.

"I continued working for almost a year after submitting my letter," Fuller said. "In August of 2010, I supplied a court document changing my name to my new first name, Erin. My boss then told me 'now I have a problem with your condition and I have to let you go.'"

Her former employer declined to comment. However, Fuller said her employer's first response was quickly revised to "work is slow, let's get you some unemployment" and she was told that her job would be waiting should she choose to wear "normal clothes again."

At first, Fuller planned simply to find another job. Yet at the urging of others, she filed a sex discrimination case - a case she won on April 1, 2015, in the New York State Division of Human Rights headquarters in the Bronx. A second victory came a month later before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and she expects a third in response to her former employer's appeal.
It is sad that we have to take legal action; all we want is to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. We don’t want special rights or treatment; we just want to be judged on our work performance. We want to be giving the same chance at a job as anyone else. All we want is a normal life as any other working stiff.

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