Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday in the mail my new birth certificate arrived and when I opened the envelope I kind of mixed feelings about the changes. My thoughts went back to my parents and I kind of felt sad that they never knew the real me and I also felt that it in some way I lost a piece of their history or that they might not have approved. Because it somewhat in some way invalidated them, they thought they had a son that they raised but rather it was a sad little boy who always dreamed of being the inner girl.

But I also felt proud because it started with an email that I sent Robin at True Colors in a reply to the comment she made about my blog post. We started the ball rolling that brought about the change in the law. I made a difference. I made life easier for a lot of trans people born here in Connecticut. It took the work of a lot of organizations and individuals to bring about the change; I was just a cog in the process that got the machine moving to pass Public Act 15-132 An Act Concerning Birth Certificates.

It also felt like I burned the bridge behind me.
The signing of PA 15-132
At the signing; CWEALF, Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective, NASW, ACLU, and CTAC

The actual law that the governor signed which I donated along with one of the pens that he signed it with to the Center Connecticut State University Library to add to their LGBT collection

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CountryDew said...

Congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment and story. Thank you for sharing it.