Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Six #511

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #511

1. D is for DALLY: What activity causes you to waste the most time in your day?
Just about everything, when you are retired there is no sense of urgency.

2. D is for DANCE: Do you enjoy dancing in public, and how often do you do so?
May two or three time a year; I attend a Women’s Tea Dance.

3. D is for DECAF: Do you get a genuine buzz from coffee and if so, how many cups per day is your limit?
All I drink is decaf, I have a heart condition and the doctors have said caffeine is a no, no.

4. D is for DISK: What was the size, in inches, of the floppy disk most commonly in use when you got your first computer: 8”, 5.25”, or 3.5” or were floppies already out of use?
5.25, but actually my first computer used a cassette record. The floppy disk hadn’t been inverted yet.

5. D is for DORMITORY: How much appeal did you or would you have seen in living in a dormitory in college?
???? I think you mean did I like dorm living, if that is what you meant then dorm living was my down fall. Way too much partying!

6. D is for DRIVE-THROUGH: What’s the last restaurant you purchased food from via its drive-through?
A decaf coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

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