Saturday, April 08, 2017

Saturday 9: Work from Home

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Work from Home (2016)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who doesn't get to see her lover often enough because he's on the night shift. Have you ever worked nights?
Well kind of. When we had a rush job we ran three 10 hour shifts for maybe a month and I was on it a couple of times.

2) She promises that if he takes the day off, she'll make it feel like a vacation. Have you traveled anywhere fun so far this year? Do you have any leisure trips planned for 2017?
Up to the cottage and up on the Cape Cod a couple of times.
We are selling the cottage so I don’t know how long we will have it, and if we do sell it I looking for a three season place on the Cape.

3) The ladies of Fifth Harmony are enthusiastic supporters of the Girl Scouts, rewarding troops who excel in fundraising activities with free concerts. The Scouts' best-known fundraiser is their cookie sale. What's your favorite cookie (Girl Scs’moresout or otherwise)?
Let’s I like the s’mores, but I also like thin mints, but then there is also the Samoas… I guess I like them all.

4) Fifth Harmony also participated in Goodwill's Fall Haul campaign. They encouraged high school students donate as many items as possible to Goodwill, and the winning school got a free concert. When did you last take gently-used items to a resale organization?
I don’t think that I have.

5) Do you ever shop second-hand or thrift stores?

6) Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei competes on Dancing with the Stars this season. Would you do better on DWTS or The Voice? In other words, are you a better singer or dancer?
For your sanity you don’t want me to do either one.

7) In February 2016, when this song was first released, The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl and Spotlight won the Best Picture Oscar. Can you recall who won the 2017 Super Bowl and Best Picture Oscar, just two months ago?
Nope, since I didn’t watch either one… Wait! I think it was the Patriots who won the Super Bowl because I remember something about a parade they had in Boston.

8) 2016's most popular TV show was Game of Thrones. Are you a fan?

9) Random Question: What's the subject line of the newest message in your email spam folder?
Search Results for Funeral Expenses for Burial Insurance.

Update 10:55 AM
If I seem distracted lately it is because I am planning for a conference at the end of the month and a thousand details need to be done by the 29th.


Kwizgiver said...

You're selling the cottage?? Oh, that's a shame! I love your cottage photographs and stories.

The Gal Herself said...

A three-season place sounds like it would make you happy because you could get more use of it.

I am Harriet said...

I remember a big storm hitting Boston like minutes after that parade ending too.

CountryDew said...

Apparently I am the only Game of Throne fan who plays Sat 9. Oh well. I am sorry you're selling your cottage. It is good to have a place to run away to sometimes. I hope you can find something else.

Stacy said...

I hope you can find a new cottage or whatever that suits your needs. I've never been to the Cape but imagine it's lovely.
Laughed out loud at your answer about singing and dancing. That's probably pretty close to the truth for me, too.

Zippi Kit said...

Hope you find that replacement for your cabin. It will be very nice to have a three season get away that's closer. I'm thinking it will be closer?
I love that you would take pity on us and not try to dance or sing. Over time, even the Stars have to pipe down and just tap their toes, sitting on the sidelines.

Diana_CT said...

Zippi, it will actually be an hour longer from my house. Once you get on the Cape it is still an hour drive up to the tip of the Cape, it is just about 60 miles from the Bourne Bridge.