Thursday, April 06, 2017

Maybe We Are Making Progress

We getting some regional victories around the country, with the Appeals Court win and now with a school board,
Attempt To Oust Pro-Transgender Equality School Board Members Fails In Illinois
Conservatives lost a battle to throw out officials who allowed a transgender girl to use female facilities.
Huffington Post
By Amanda Terkel
April 5, 2017

Board members in a suburban Chicago school district who voted to allow a transgender girl to use the girls locker room survived re-election Tuesday, despite opponents aggressively attempting to oust them over that decision.

Township High School District 211 has been at the center of the nationwide push for transgender rights. In 2015, President Barack Obama’s Education Department found that the school violated federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education by refusing to let the student, who played on a girls sports team, use female facilities. The school risked losing federal funding unless it changed course.
The opposition fought hard to oust the board members who voted for allowing trans students to use the facilities of their gender Identity.
A group of parents who objected to the school board’s decision formed a group called Parents for Privacy and sued the district, with the backing of a conservative Christian group called Alliance Defending Freedom. They also supported the three conservative challengers who lost this week.

“Parents have a reasonable expectation to know that there is a policy that these private areas are designated by biological sex,” said Vicki Wilson, co-founder of Parents for Privacy. “There is a path forward where all students are protected and respected. ... I’d say, let’s get you an accommodation, but not in the girls locker room.”
And the money poured in from conservative organizations to elect their candidates and those supporting the incumbents responded in kind,
The school board election often goes unnoticed, and candidates sometimes don’t spend any money on their campaigns. But this year it drew a fair amount of outside money, The Washington Post reported. Richard Uihlein, a Wisconsin billionaire and GOP megadonor, contributed $3,000 to a group supporting the conservative challengers. On the other side, Trans United Fund, a group based in Washington, D.C., helped the efforts of the parents supporting transgender equality.
But in the end the voters decided that the response the Board had was reasonable and voted them back in office.

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