Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trans Actor

Well yesterday I wrote about the lack of trans actors and actresses and yesterday it was announced that there will be a trans actor on a television show.
The Daily Brief
By Jazmin Kopotsha
September 27, 2016

There are so many reasons to love Modern Family. It’s nestled into our hearts as one of the few sitcoms that’s actually IRL relatable and it always seems keen to bulldoze its way through all sorts of barriers.

Most recently the Modern Family team cast an openly transgender child actor which, needless to say, is really great to hear.

In an episode called A Stereotypical Day eight-year-old Jackson Millarker plays Tom, Lily’s transgender friend who comes over for a playdate, reports Variety.

As we can all too well imagine, Cam and Mitchell are over the moon about how well they’ve raised such an accepting and broad-minded daughter (we can hear the humble bragging now). But according to the synopsis, that quickly disappears when they hear Lily insulting Tom, and the couple realise they need to teach Lily a lesson about acceptance.
BBC said that,
The director of the comedy show, Ryan Case, has tweeted to say that she is "super proud" of the episode, which is part of the eighth series of the show.

It's called A Stereotypical Day and will air in the US on 28 September on ABC.

Parents of transgender children have posted messages on social media thanking the sitcom for "giving a voice" to their community.
Maybe this will wake up producers and directors that we can act, that we can bring in the viewers, and we can make money for them.

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