Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Split Personality

I think that the voters suffer from split personalities, they want low taxes and they also want services and the two are mutually exclusive.

You want the bridges and highways in good repair but they don’t want to pay any more taxes. You want highway construction to repair the highways but you don’t want delays. You don’t want long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles but you don’t want more taxes.

You don’t like Governor Malloy because he raised taxes but you criticize him for cuts in services when he didn't raise taxes. We have reached a limit on taxes; if we go any higher with taxes we will be higher than the neighboring states. We are saddled with a state labor contract that was signed by Republican Governor Roland and we are now paying over $100 million dollars for his breaking the contact that Roland signed.

We voted for a president because we didn’t want to vote for Hillary because of her connection with Wall Street, but we voted for a candidate who owns Wall Street.

We voted for a president because we didn’t want to vote for Hillary because of her non-profit foundation but we voted for a president who has been fined because his non-profit foundation violated state and federal laws.

We want the rich to pay their fair share and stop jobs from going overseas but we voted for a president who is cutting the taxes that the rich pay and has shipped his own jobs overseas.

We voted for the candidate who promised to put more judges like Antonin Scalia even though we hated Citizen United and the Hobby Lobby decisions.

We voted for a candidate who promised to overturn marriage equality and  rescind LGBT rights even though we are in favor of them.

We voted against Hillary because she was too cozy with billionaires but we voted for a guy who is using the presidency for his own personal gain. He owns stock in the Dakota Access Pipeline which he has said he will allow to go through Native American lands. He owns stock in United Technologies which owns Carrier that he arranged to get tax breaks. He took the phone call from president of Taiwan where he is trying to build a hotel. Met with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe with his daughter Ivanka who accompanied him and she is trying to get a licensing deal with a Japanese apparel company. We voted for a president who is going to be using the presidency for his own personal gains.

We will make America Great Again! Trust me.

We will male Connecticut Great Again! Trust us.

Yes, we are gullible to vague promises. We voted Republican but we ignored all of their years that the Republicans promises to do away with Medicare and Social Security.

Well now we are going to get everything we dreaded because we wanted to send a message. Well now we have to pay the piper.

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