Friday, June 17, 2016


Yesterday I did a three hour workshop the longest that I ever gave normally it is a ninety minute presentation but I stretched it out for the workshop adding an “ice breaker” and other exercises along with new material. (In the evening I went to Real Art Ways’ Creative Cocktail Hour which was celebrating Pride Month… it was a long day on my feet!)

Later this month I am doing training at a homeless shelter in addition to the training we have been doing around the state training 211 operators and homeless shelters staff.

At the end of next month I am going to prison to do training for their staff.

I am a member of the Stonewall Speakers; they go out to schools and businesses and usually have a panel of LGBT people and their allies talking about their experiences. I like going to colleges because the students are there to learn but I don’t like going to high schools. It seems like the college students are more interested in what we have to say than high school students.

However, I like giving presentations a lot more then talking about our experiences being LGBT both have their place in educating the public but I have more fun giving a PowerPoint presentation.

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