Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Film Festival

Last night was the opening of the Connecticut LGBT film festival or as it is officially known as OutFilmCT, is about my fifteenth year attending the festival and opening night is always fun with the reception after the movies.

Spoiler Alert! You may not want to read this is you are going to be seeing these movies.

They start the night with a short of President Obama’s speech when the Supreme Court voted in favor of marriage equality. Which was then followed by three other shorts “The Little Deputy” which really funny, a little boy and his father go to a mall when there is a photographer who takes photos the look like old time photos. Well the photographer mistaken the boy for a girl and offers him an eighteen hundreds style dress and the boy after some initial desire to wear passes it up for a deputy outfit. Flash forward to when he is an adult and he tells his mother he is going back to have the photo redone but wearing the dress this time and the mother says she will bring his father with her. Ought Oh, is this trouble? So the next scene is him sitting there with the dress on and his mother hands him a urn with his father ashes.

The second one was kind of corny two women meet at a therapist’s office and seek therapy together, the short was called “The First Session.”

The last short was Instant Karma. A man saves a woman from walking into the path of a bus and she befriends him and when she finds out that he is gay she tries to “save him.” He waves her off in disgust and walk to his car and she runs after him right into the path of a truck… splat!

The main feature was,
Me, Myself and Her (Io E Lei)
Something isn’t quite right in Marina and Federica’s relationship and it might take more than a new mattress to make it work. Such is the test of their relationship, too comfy and cozy, or firm enough to withstand trial and error? In this lighthearted love story, Marina and Federica rekindle love in a bit of a drought. After five years together, they share the same apartment, elevator, and face cream. They laugh, they fight, they put up with each other’s families, but even so, they’re are [sic] not sure if they’re still a couple or not. In this charming romantic comedy they try to figure it out.
I gave it a three because I don’t like sad movies; I would have giving a lower score if they hadn’t gotten back together again.

One of the reasons why I go to the festival is to meet people and at the reception I met many old friends that I see around the LGBT community. There looked like there was another trans woman there who was out for the first time, I tried to get to her to talk but she vanished.

All in all it was a good night out.

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