Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Off And Running

There are many trans athletes who are on their school sports team of their gender identity. The NCAA has developed reasonable guideline for trans athletes.
High school runner brings spotlight to Alaska transgender policy
By Jake Edmonds
May 28, 2016

ANCHORAGE – Haines runner Nattaphon Wangyot qualified for the girls 1-2-3A 100-meter and 200-meter finals Friday afternoon at the high school state track and field meet, but unlike her competitors, she was born with male anatomy.

Transgender equality has become a hot topic of discussion around the country, and Alaska is no exception. The Alaska Schools Activities Association recently implemented a policy to allow individual school districts to decide if a transgender athlete can compete in a sport as the gender they identify with.

“We didn’t want to necessarily create a situation where we were going to bring in a committee and those types of things just because it’s just not practical here,” said ASAA Executive Director Billy Strickland during Friday’s meet.
According to RawStory the main opposition is coming from…
Members of the anti-trans group, Alaska Family Action, gathered outside a meet on Friday.

“It is not fair and it is not right for our female athletes,” protester Stephanie Leigh Golmon Williams told KTVA. “And we have a responsibility to protect our girls that have worked really hard, that are working toward college scholarships.”
The important thing to remember is that hormones are very powerful. Once an athlete is on hormones for two years their muscles have been changed to that of a typical person of that gender, I remember being amazed at how much muscle strength that I lost once I went on estrogen. I probably lost a third of my muscle mass.

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