Monday, June 13, 2016

Lows, Highs, Introspective

Yesterday started out unbelievable low note. My brain had a hard time comprehending what happened in Orlando, it was brain numbing… it can be real! As the facts started coming in and reality set in.

Then it was learned that we were his target, he targeted us, he hated us!

All because of two men kissing.

One of the hardest things that I had to deal with since my transition is learning that people hate me. It is hard to understand unless you are the ones being hated. I never had anyone tells me that I am going to hell before I transitioned.

I see all these laws being introduced and voted into law that wants to make me a criminal… why? I just want to live my life.

The Republicans say the high suicide rate among trans people is because we are mentally unstable, but you just have to read the news to understand why there is a high suicide rates. People hate us.

One of the comments that I heard that struck me hard was we can't even donate blood for our loved ones.

The High
Then my spirits took a turn for the better at noon.

I was at an appreciation brunch in Middletown for the Stonewall Speakers, those of us who go out to schools, business, and civic groups about being LGBT or allied to the LGBT community. At the brunch the David Knapp Award for outstanding service to the community… I received the award.

I want to thank the Stonewall Speakers from the bottom of my heart for the award, thank you.

Later in the afternoon I met with a new board member for CT TransAdvovacy Coalition.

That night I went the vigil that was held at the Capitol.

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