Friday, June 24, 2016

City Thumbs Its Noise At The State

And does the right thing.

The school system for Charlotte NC approved an inclusive transgender policy.
Gov. Pat McCrory’s office blasts CMS transgender policy as 'breaking state law'A McCrory spokesman accuses CMS of violating HB2 with new policy
CMS following path taken by UNC System

Charlotte Observer
By Jim Morrill
June 23, 2016

A spokesman for Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday blasted Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for “purposely breaking state law” with a new policy involving transgender students.

On Monday, CMS officials adopted a regulation requiring principals to honor a student’s gender identity in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies.

In March, the Republican-controlled North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2, which requires people in government facilities to use the bathroom or locker room of the gender on their birth certificates.

“Instead of providing reasonable accommodations for some students facing unique circumstances, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System made a radical change to their shower, locker room and restroom policy for all students,” McCrory press secretary Graham Wilson said in a release. “(CMS) should have waited for the courts to make a decision instead of purposely breaking state law.”
Yup, the school system ignored the state law and followed the federal law.

This morning I am at a meeting to discuss health care disparities for the trans community. The CT Multicultural Health Partnership is holding the annual meeting and I was invited to talk about the problems our community faces like the lack of endos, and  surgeons, and also discrimination be healthcare providers

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