Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Breaking News! Next Stop The Supreme Court

Well it looks like the state of Virginia only option left is the Supreme Court in the trans bathroom case.
Breaking: In Win For Transgender Rights, Federal Appeals Court Refuses to Rehear Historic Case
Is the U.S. Supreme Court the Next Stop?
The New Civil Rights Movement
May 31, 2016

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has just refused to hear a historic case that paved the way for the Departments of Justice and Education to issue sweeping guidance on preventing discrimination against transgender students.

The Federal Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, denied the request, submitted by the Gloucester school system, to re-hear the case brought by a transgender boy, in court documents listed as G.G., but publicly known as Gavin Grimm. In April, the 4th Circuit Court siding with Grimm, upheld a previous ruling that federal civil rights laws include transgender people in cases involving education discrimination, and that Title IX protects transgender students.
Will the Supreme Court hear the case? Will they refuse to hear it and the Appeals Court ruling stand making the law in the 4th District? What will North Carolina do? If the Supreme Court hears the case how will they vote? Will win? Will we lose? Or will it be a tie?

Stay tuned for the exciting saga of the 2016 trans bathroom debate.

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