Saturday, July 01, 2017

We Are Everywhere

And we show up where you least expected it.

Yesterday we had the closing for the family cottage in New Hampshire and I decided to go up in person for the closing but the other couple wasn’t there and my brother mailed his forms in after he signed then with a notary.

For me there was an added problem of the deed being in my old name. When I transitioned I went to the county court house to change my name on the property deed and the clerk told me that I had to refile the deed using a lawyer… WRONG! I found out at the closing that it was a simple form to file out and pay the fee, so I don’t know if the clerk told me that either because; A) she was lazy and didn’t want to do it or B) because of bias. The lawyer for the title company said they change names on deeds all the time because of marriage.

Now here is the kicker… we were making small talk before I signed all the paperwork and the title company’s lawyer said that she has a trans nephew!

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Zippi Kit said...

Pity the poor Nephew of hers!
Human beings have a hard time admitting it, but they are animals, and share many things with the other Earthlings, including gender variations! The whole thing is stupid and well, inhumane!