Wednesday, July 05, 2017

This Is Sad And Amazing

This goes to show you how our education system is lacking here in the U.S., that people do not know the Declaration of Independence and at the same time shows how that ignorance affects the political process.
Declaration of Independence tweets confuse Donald Trump supporters
The Telegraph
By Mark Molloy
5 JULY 2017

The Declaration of Independence has caused confusion on Twitter after some Donald Trump supporters appeared to interpret the text as an attack on the president.

America’s National Public Radio (NPR)faced a public backlash after sharing the famous document in a series of tweets to celebrate Independence Day.

It’s an annual NPR tradition to read out the Declaration of Independence line-by-line on-air for the past 29 years, but their tweets were apparently misinterpreted by some.

One Twitter user mistakenly thought the federal funded station was calling for a political revolution against Mr Trump.
When NPR tweeted,
A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
and that is when all the tweets from people that thought it was directed at Trump chimed in,
“So, NPR is calling for a revolution. Interesting way to condone the violence while trying to sound ‘patriotic’. Your implications are clear,” wrote one.

Another responded: “Propaganda is that all you know? Try supporting a man who wants to do something about the injustice in this country.”
These two tweets hit the nail on its head,
If you think NPR tweeting out the Declaration of Independence is a slam against Trump, what does that say about how you view Trump?

It's so incredibly telling that this person sees "Tyrant...unfit to be a ruler of a free people" and immediately assumes it refers to Trump.
I also think this says a lot about the quality of voters if they do not know the Declaration of Independence and automatically think it is about Trump. How can anyone who doesn’t know history make an informed decision on who to vote for in an election.

How many people know that we live in a republic and not a democracy, do they even know the difference? Or for that matter do they know what fascism, communism, socialism, and a dictatorships are?

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Richard Nelson said...

Just another reason why we all must continue to fight them any way we can. They're dumb as a box of rocks.