Monday, July 17, 2017

The Gathering Of The Tribe

For some trans people once they transition you never see them again, they just want to live their lives in their true gender. While other trans people still hang out with other trans people, they live their lives in their true gender but they don’t cutoff their friends from the community.

There is no right way or wrong way; it is just your way.

For those who still hang out with trans friends there was a gathering of the trans tribe this past weekend (that is way there was no post Sunday) up in Vermont of trans people and our allies at a home in southern part of the state.

I drove up Saturday and got there at the beginning of the campout. The weather wasn’t raining but it was overcast and high round the low seventies, about twenty people showed up for the which was less than the year before. We figured the weather might have kept some from coming.

Around six the burgers and dogs were put on the grill and all the side dishes came out (I bought my cream cheese rollups for appetizers) and after dinner when everything was cleaned up around 9PM, they lit the bonfire.

A few brought their guitars and played in the evening and around the bonfire, this is not a small fire, the wood was piled about eight feet high!

Sitting around the fire under the stars was magical for me.

There were trans and cis women, and trans and cis men sitting a ten to fifteen back from the fire and a trans women was playing on her guitar, she played songs from the late sixties and early seventies and many we singing along with her.

I stayed overnight at the B&B just down the road, while many slept out in tents or crashed in the house. I am past the age of sleeping on the ground so I opted for the soft bed, a civilized indoor plumbing and a hot shower.

Sunday morning after breakfast at the B&B I went back to house to hangout and relax before driving home. I went in to their above-ground pool for a bit and then rested my eye for awhile. I left a little after 2 and got home around 4.

Do you hang out with other trans people?

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brenda Louise said...

Yes. I always try to. But lately with Tammi's heart issues we have to stay close to home in order to get to the VA in West Haven in an emergency. She had to take a nitro pill twice last month.