Sunday, July 09, 2017

Fitting For A Sunday Morning

The Church of England just came out with a pro-trans proposal for a special service for our transition.
Anglican church to vote on 'welcoming transgender people'
General Synod vote comes after bishops overwhelmingly backed motion banning ‘harmful’ conversion therapy for gay Christians
The Guardian
Press Associates
July 9, 2017

The Church of England’s ruling body is to vote on whether to provide special services for transgender people during their transition.

The General Synod is considering a motion on the need for transgender people to be “welcomed and affirmed in their parish church” as part of the “long and often complex process” of transition.

The vote comes after bishops overwhelmingly backed a motion calling for a ban on “unethical” conversion therapy for gay Christians.
Well first off, they banned Conversion Therapy and second they’re considering a welcoming ceremony for trans people when they transition.
The motion calls on the House of Bishops “to consider providing some nationally commended liturgical materials which may be used in parish churches and chaplaincies to provide a pastoral response to the need of transgender people to be affirmed following their long, distressing and often complex process of transition”.
Let’s hope that they vote in favor of a special welcoming ceremony for trans people.

I have a trans friend who is an Episcopal priest and a rector of the parish. So don’t brand all religions as haters of trans people because many churches support us.

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