Thursday, March 16, 2017

Doom And Gloom

It is hard to find positive trans news to write about, most of it is all doom and gloom, since Trump was elected there is an increase in legislation against us and an increase in violence against us.
Indiana judge dismisses transgender man's name change suit
The Indy Channel 6ABC
The Associated Press
March 16, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a transgender man's lawsuit challenging an Indiana law that prevents him from changing his first name to a male name matching his gender identity.

The man's parents brought him illegally to Indiana from Mexico at age 6. His lawsuit argued Indiana's law requiring anyone seeking a name change to provide citizenship proof is unconstitutional.

He said he's forced to "out" himself as transgender whenever he displays his driver's license because it lists his gender as male alongside his female birth name.

An Indianapolis judge dismissed his suit Monday, finding he hadn't established his legal standing to sue.
In Washington State there was a violent attack against a trans student.
Transgender teen bullied, punched at Vancouver middle school
By KATU Staff
March 15th 2017

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A transgender 13-year-old girl was bullied and punched in the face at her Vancouver school Wednesday.

A Facebook post about the attack from the teen's aunt is going viral; she says the teen was bullied by a male student, who called her a boy and said "she has to go to the doctor to tell them she's a girl."

The boy then allegedly punched the girl several times in the face, and she has visible bruising.
So much for providing a “safe learning” space in school as required by law.

A follow up on yesterday’s story about the anti-trans group using a woman’s assault for their political gains.
Group apologizes for using assault victim's story to push bathroom bill
By Kelsey Mallahan
March 15, 2017

SEATTLE -- A group backing I-I552 posted a public apology Tuesday to a woman who survived a sexual assault in a public restroom at Golden Gardens Park last week.

_______ said the Facebook group Just Want Privacy used her name and story to push the ballot initiative aimed at rolling back the state’s law that allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice.

“I refuse to allow anyone to use me and my horrific sexual assault to cause harm and discrimination to others,” said _______ in a release.

_______’s story went viral last week after she posted about being attacked on her Instagram account.
It is too late to apologize, they already exploited her and spread her photo and name all over the internet and used her to raise money for them. Are they going to give back her privacy? Are they going to give back the money they raise by using her?

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