Saturday, May 14, 2016

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Saturday 9: These Boots Were Made for Walkin' (1966)

Every Saturday I take time off from written on serious topics to have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song/video, Ms. Sinatra's boots make a serious fashion statement. Do you choose footwear for comfort or fashion? 
Comfort, most of the time I wear sandals or in the winter sneakers

2) This is by far the biggest hit of Nancy Sinatra's career, which includes 6 top ten hits. Can you name another? 
Something Stupid with her father

3) Nancy recorded it on Reprise Records, which was founded by her father, Frank. Did your parents give you a leg up in your chosen career?
Yes, they helped pay for college back in the days when it didn’t bankrupt you.

4) Professionally Nancy has been involved in espionage, singing the theme to a James Bond movie and appearing in an episode of The Man from UNCLE. Do you enjoy spy/secret agent stories?
Yes, however not action spy/secret agent stories but more like a good who done it type of movie.

5) Nancy maintains the official Sinatra family website, which includes a link to the site of Mia Farrow. Ms. Farrow was, briefly, Nancy's stepmother, and obviously they are still on good terms. Do you have a big, extended family?
Not really.

6) Nancy's music -- and posters -- were very popular with the troops during the Vietnam War. Nancy continues to return their loyalty and affection with her efforts on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Here's your chance to promote a cause that's near and dear to your heart. What charity gets your support?
True Colors

7) Nancy hosts a Sirius radio show devoted to her father's music. Do you have a subscription to a satellite radio or podcast network?
Yes, Sirius radio I like the classic rock and the sixties stations. I have a theory that we stay with the music that we listened to in our teenage years… I pity the kids now a days.

8) Nancy has said that she and her sister Tina had a more comfortable relationship with their famous father than their late brother, Frank, Jr., did. Do you think it's easier for mothers to get along with their sons, while fathers have an easier time with their daughters?
Nope, I think it depends upon the age of their children, once they get in to their teenage years… ick who wants parents?

9) Random question: Tonight's dinner is on us. Would you prefer to eat at a casual restaurant with exceptional food, or an exclusive restaurant with so-so food but a celebrity clientele?
I prefer casual restaurant with exceptional food. A couple of months ago I ate a five star restaurant in Hartford, great food, great service, out-of-site prices.


  1. Restaurants like the one you mentioned in #9 are only fun if someone else is paying. Otherwise I waste the whole meal dreading the bill.

  2. I bet our folks pitied us for rock over the 40s standards...

  3. I listen to mostly 1970s music, so I think you're right about staying with the music of our teen years. I feel for the kids today, too - though I notice my nephews know more of the older songs that I do the current ones. And they *still* play Queen's "We are the Champions" at the football games.

  4. Pink is the only new singer I've been able to hear enough of to know I like.

    Wouldn't it be grea if we spent the same amount on children's health and education as we spend on, shall we say, five sided building projects?