Friday, May 13, 2016

Okay I’m Picking On Republicans Again

Three steps forward, two steps backwards, that is what is week. In Massachusetts they are passing the public accommodation part of the nondiscrimination law but it Kansas they are making it impossible to change your birth certificate.
Kansas to Toughen Rules on Transgender Birth Certificates
ABC News
By John Hanna, AP Political Writer
May 12, 2016

Kansas is pursuing regulations that would give it one of the nation's toughest policies against allowing transgender people to update their birth certificates, prompting anger from advocates and threats of a lawsuit.

State health department officials contend an existing agency regulation allowing amended birth certificates conflicts with state law and needs to be eliminated. The agency has been pursuing changes for months and could impose them within six weeks.

The department's revised rules would allow a change only if a person or his or her parents could document that the gender was incorrectly recorded at the time of birth.
But Republican Kansas state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook said a birth certificate is "a record for future generations" and shouldn't be changed lightly. She said the document should reflect the "science" behind a person's gender and not "political purposes."

"Men and women are biologically different," she said. "I don't think we should become detached from reality."

Conservative Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's administration is pursuing the change amid scrutiny of a new law in North Carolina requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms, showers and changing rooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. The U.S. Justice Department and the state's governor sued each other this week.
While states like Connecticut realize that birth certificates are not “historical” documents but rather a document to prove U.S. citizenship, Kansas is going backward, before they allowed you to change your gender after surgery now they are trying to make it impossible to change your birth certificate at the same time they are passing laws saying you can only use the bathroom of the gender on your birth certificate.

So what they are doing is trying to make it illegal for trans people to go out in public. They are making it harder to get a job. They are trying to force us back into the closet by making us second class citizens.

At one time back in the sixties and seventies the legislatures were making it possible for us to change our birth certificates both Democrats and Republicans realized that being able to change your birth certificate was vital to becoming a productive member of society. But now the Republican Party are passing these draconian laws.

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