Thursday, May 26, 2016

Get Out Of Here!

That is what a trans woman heard from a McDonald’s employee in New Jersey.
Transgender Woman Says She Was Harassed and Told to Leave After Using Bathroom at NJ McDonald's
By David Chang
May 25, 2016

A Delaware transgender woman says she was harassed and told to leave a Gloucester County McDonald’s after she used the women's bathroom.

Misty Hill, 42, of Wilmington, Delaware, told NBC10 she was using the women’s restroom at a McDonald’s in Paulsboro, New Jersey Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. Hill, who says she transitioned and has been living as a woman for a little over a year, told NBC10 she was wearing cargo pants and didn’t have any makeup on when she used the bathroom.
As Hill used the bathroom, she says she was followed by the restaurant’s manager.

“The female manager followed me in and when I was in the stall she asked if a gentleman was in,” Hill said.

Hill says she told her she was a woman. She then claims the manager came back inside about a minute later and asked her once again if she was a man.

“She said, ‘you don’t belong here,’” Hill said.
The manager had this to say…
NBC10 reached out to the manager of the Paulsboro McDonald's. The manager told us she never harassed Hill, never told her to leave and never threatened to call police. Instead, she says she was trying to address the concerns of another customer.

“There was a little girl going to the bathroom,” the manager said. “She[Hill] started talking to a little girl. The girl got scared and told her mom and her mom told me.”
New Jersey is one of the states that has protections for us in public accommodation, so the manager should never have even made an issues about tit.

This goes to show you that even with the laws we still have to fight for our rights.

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