Thursday, May 12, 2016

Backlash To The Backlash

A group of students protested the protester at UCLA, they were protesting three members of the Bruin Republican Club board posted an anti-trans picture on social media.
May 11, 2016

LOS ANGELES -- A new battlefront has unfolded at UCLA in the nationwide debate on gender and access to restrooms.

On Wednesday, some UCLA students held signs of support to counter what they're calling intolerance. They plan to post posters, saying "Bathrooms are a RIGHT not a privilege," on social media in response to a picture posted by fellow Bruins on Facebook.

Three Bruin Republican Club board members who independently attended an event at UCSB held three posters that said, "Get your agenda out of our restroom!," "There are only two genders!" and "Transgenderism is a mental disorder!"
They have a right to say that but they also have to realize that their actions would create other to speak up.
The Bruin Republican Club, however, is on the defense after being linked to opinions on the signs.

"We've received personal attacks to even board members who were not involved in the incident, and we've actually had a bit of a controversy in our club because of this difference in opinion.
I do not support the personal attacks against the Bruin Republican Club but I support people speaking out against them.
"At UCLA, we respect everyone's right to free speech and encourage open dialogue on all issues; however, hurtful language that seeks to belittle or trivialize any group is not reflective of UCLA's values and our ongoing work to be a welcoming and fully inclusive environment for all," Dean of Students Maria Blandizzi said in a statement.
The dean’s statement is right on when he said “…hurtful language that seeks to belittle or trivialize any group…” and I have to wonder at the education level of the students when they say, “There are only two genders!" surely they must have taken some biology classes and they should know that biology is much more complicated than chromosomes.

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