Sunday, October 19, 2014

On The Road Again...

Right now I should be pulling into the motel that I am staying at for Fantasia Fair. It is a little over a four hour drive from my house and I take Rt. 2 to I-395 and then I take that back roads through Voluntown and pick up I-95 in Rhode Island. Routes 138 and 165 is a nice drive and I usually do 50 mph unless I hit traffic and I-95 at times can be a nightmare.

Then when you get on the Mid-Cape Highway (Rt. 6) the expectations start to build and it make the drive seem like it will never end. Route 6 is also known as a one of the deadliest highways in the U.S. parts of it is a two lane road that everyone is going 60 mph and there are a lot of head on crashes along it.

Once you get to around North Truro it because a nice scenic ride through the dunes. When I was little we used to come up to North Truro for vacation, my parents used to rent one of the bayside cottages for a week and our neighbor rented for the following week. We used to take the neighbor kids for the first week and they come up the following and I would stay with them. So we would stay two weeks there and our parents would get a week vacation from us kids.

When we went in to Provincetown my father used to call it an “artist colony” because of its bohemian atmosphere (I now think he was calling it that because of all the gays and lesbians, but in those days that was never spoken about.). Little did I know back then that some forty years later I would be one of those bohemians.

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