Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fantasia Fair Day 4

I skipped the morning workshop again and I was planning on going out to take photographs around town but the weather didn’t cooperate so I stayed in my room and read book 5 of the Outlander series “The Fiery Cross.” While I was reading I could hear the workshop downstairs doing their voice exercises for feminizing your voice… mmm… do, ra, me, fa, so, la, ti, do… ahhh…

For lunch I went to Bayside Betsey’s and had Cesar Salad with scallops with two friends from Connecticut, the salad was excellent!

After lunch we went down to hear the luncheon keynote address by Jamison Green, his talk was titled “Evolution of an Activist: How to Keep Busy Helping Others for Fun and (almost no) Profit” and afterward I stayed for the discussion. I was a very good talk and I learned a lot in the discussion, I got some great contact leads that I’ll follow-up with.

For dinner we went out to eat at the Lobster Pot, if you are in P-town it is written in the law that you must eat at least once there. They have roadblock set up outside of town and you have to show them your receipt from the Lobster Pot. I had Lobster Newberg, it was delicious! I’ll probably have to pay for it tomorrow morning with a high blood glucose reading.

I skipped the fashion show and just went back to my room. I have seen the fashion show so many times and I’m not really in to fashion. It is a great show but just not my cup of tea.

This is my kind of fashion…

Give me jeans and sneakers any time over a dress.

P.S. The wind was howling overnight rattling the windows and it poured with thunder and lighting! Because the room has cathedral ceilings, the ceiling is the actual roof the rain was quit loud.

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