Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Human Rights Should Never Be A Popularity Contest

Back when the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution the founders wisely knew that there were certain basic rights that should not up to a vote, and over time we have come to realize that there are other basic rights that should not be put to the popular vote.
Pullman hospital accepting public comment on performance of gender reassignment surgeries
Posted: June 09, 2017

PULLMAN, Wash. -
Dr. Geoff Stiller, a board certified surgeon who has staff privileges at Pullman Regional Hospital, is advancing his surgical training to include gender reassignment surgeries and the hospital is accepting public comment from June 12 to July 3, 2017.

As part of the process, the hospital says Dr. Stiller will be performing the procedures at Pullman Regional Hospital under the personal instruction and supervision of a preceptor. Other steps will also be completed before a decision on adding gender reassignment surgery to the services offered by Pullman Regional Hospital.

"Two key steps are completing the medical staff privileging process and receiving public comment regarding performing gender reassignment surgery," the hospital said in a statement.
Did they have public comments for open heart surgery? What about if they would treat cancer patients?

Then why are they having it for another AMA medically necessary approved procedure?

P.S. At least they could do if they are going to treat trans patients is to use proper terminology... Gender Confirming Surgery or Gender Affirming Surgery, not Gender Reassignment Surgery

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Many people, I suppose, would consider GRS to be an elective surgery - but they couldn't possibly understand the necessity, if not urgency, of it to a trans person. I'm sure the doctor and hospital see that there's money to be made by performing GRS, but not at the expense of potential boycotts. Sometimes, political correctness gets in the way of true correction.

I don't like the sound of "Gender Affirming Surgery." The acronym, GAS, is not one I would use: I'm scheduled to have GAS next week! Acrimonious acronyms. :-)