Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Times They Are A Changing

Sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better and in this case for the better. All around the country there is legislation to ban us and demonize us being proposed but I one town…
Parents express anger at school district's exclusion of transgender students from anti-discrimination policies
By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie
March 21, 2017

SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP - In a feisty meeting that drew occasional shouts and boos from parents, the board of the Cumberland Valley School District unanimously approved revisions to its non-discrimination policies on Monday night that omitted protections for transgender students and staff.

That vote followed impassioned pleas from a crowd of 100 attendees, many of them parents, who requested that the district update its policies to add those provisions.
In a surprise move on Monday night, the board voted to add protections for sexual orientation. However, that addition didn't go far enough for many of the meeting's attendees.
Yup you read right, the parents were mad because trans students were not included in the school’s non-discrimination policy. And it even gets better,
Some parents said they felt particularly slighted that none of the board's nine members discussed any of the challenges facing transgender students that were raised by parents at the meeting.

"I just think that it's ridiculous that it wasn't even discussed," said Sarah Goldblum, addressing the board. "When you know these children are being bullied, and you know they are having trouble in schools and committing suicide.
And what did the Board do in response to the parents? They said we will study the feasibility of including gender identity, in other words they brushed them off.

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