Thursday, March 09, 2017

An Environment Of Hate

There has been an increase in violence against minorities, against non-Christians, against people who English is there second language, and against LGBT people. Even here in Connecticut we are not immune; there has been an increase harassment and violence against minorities. High school students have been embolden to make racist chants at high school sports events and some parents don't see anything wrong with that.

We are on track to surpass the number of trans people killed this year.
Louisiana neglects violence against transgender women of color
The Tulane Hullabaloo
By Pratiksha Parulekar
March 9, 2017

Celebrations surrounding Mardi Gras – a holiday that emphasizes people showcasing their most honest, vibrant selves – were dampened by the homicide of Chyna Doll Dupree.

Dupree, a nationally known drag performer, was the fifth transgender homicide victim of 2017. The life of one more transgender women in the state was snatched away as Mardi Gras continued. Following the heartbreaking record 27 transgender homicides in 2016, there has been an increase in hate-based violence since the 2016 presidential election. As human beings and members of the diverse New Orleans community, this increasing rate of violence, especially against transgender women of color, should be a matter of deep concern.

Victims of transgender-focused hate violence are overwhelmingly trans women of color, who fall at the dangerous intersection of transphobia, racism, sexism and criminalization. This group experiences a common trend of poverty, unemployment and homelessness, making these individuals even easier targets of violence. Thus far, all seven transgender homicide victims of 2017 have been transgender women of color, with three of the incidents occurring in Louisiana.
In business it is always said that corporate culture starts at the top. The bosses set the tone for the employees, well the same is true for the country; the politicians set the tone for its citizens.

When politicians look the other way when red hatted thugs beat up people of color and the politicians cheer them on.  When politicians pass laws allowing hate to hide behind “religious freedom.” When politicians try to pass laws demonizing trans people. When presidents pick a white supremacist for a chief of staff. When presidents do not speak up against violence the people notice.

We can debate big government verse smaller government, we can debate balanced budgets, we can debate “business friendly laws” but we cannot debate when politicians marginalize and demonize people for political gain, when politicians take away human rights, and when politicians do not speak up against violence.

The politicians set the tone for the country and we are seeing an emboldening of white supremacist, we are seeing vitalizing of haters under the current leadership.

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