Monday, November 07, 2016


Tomorrow we vote and it is the first election that I fear the results, I fear that Trump may win and end up destroying the country. I worry about his Russian ties. I worry about his rhetoric. I worry about his inclination for revenge.

I don’t fear Hillary, I don’t think she is the best candidate that ever ran for office but I believe that most of the stuff against her is the work of 25 years of Republican attacks against the Clintons beginning with Whitewater, to President Clinton’s sexual encounters, to Benghazi, to her emails. I believe that if you dug deep enough in to any politician’s background you will find dirt. You don’t think that any candidate runs for office for noble reasons do you? It is about power and money.

It is imperative that we all get out and vote, this is one election that you can’t sit out, and the race is so tight that it can go either way. If you are voting for a third party candidate or you are not voting for reasons of conscious ask yourself how will your conscious feel if Trump wins because of your vote.

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