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Your thoughts about diversity says something about you. How open are you to affirmative actions? Do you believe that your employment should depend upon how well you can do your job and not on your race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or any other protected class?
Don’t Like Diversity? Then You Probably Love Trump
By Kaitlyn D’Onofrio
Published June 3, 2016

A new Pew Research Center study found a correlation that links negative feelings regarding diversity as well as Islamophobia to “warm feelings” toward Trump. The survey, which polled Republican and Republican-leaning voters, also found that lower levels of education are linked with support for the Republican candidate.

60 percent of respondents who believe the “growing number of newcomers from other countries threatens U.S. values” have warm feelings toward Trump — of which 42 percent have very warm feelings toward him. Of those surveyed overall, 77 percent said they agree that the newcomers threaten American values.

In contrast, of those who believe newcomers “[strengthen] U.S. society,” only 30 percent have warm feelings toward the GOP candidate — compared to 55 percent who have cold feelings.

The study also found that Republicans with positive feelings on Trump are more likely to have violent misconceptions regarding Islam. The majority of those surveyed — 77 percent — believe the Islamic religion “is more likely than others to encourage violence”; of those respondents, 56 percent have warm feelings toward Trump, with 38 percent reporting very warm feelings.
Overall, those who support Trump tend to be less supportive of diversity. The survey asked if having the majority of the country being Black, Asian and Latino — which the Census predicts will be the case over the next three decades — is “bad for the country” or “good/neither good nor bad for the country.” For respondents who said it’s bad, nearly 50 percent report very warm feelings for Trump, with an additional 16 percent saying they have warm feelings.
The article does say that these traits are a generalization, but I do think that they have a grain of salt behind them.

When I was in grad school we had a discussion on diversity and I said that… Diversity is what made our country great.

If you look at any other country in the world they all lack diversity. Here in the U.S. we tried a grand experiment (after we wiped out the indigenous peoples), all the countries around the world you were born, grew up, married people usually within 50 miles of where you were born, and your religion was probably the same as everyone else in your community. Your whole life revolved around your family and community.

But here in the U.S. we are a nation of immigrants the person you married might be from an entire different country than where you were born. This has a major effect on the gene pool, we are no longer inbreeding, and we no longer had one culture but were multicultural. We have a variety of ideas; we didn’t do things the way they have been always done. We are healthier, smarter and willing to try new things

We are a nation that broke the mold.

I related it to what happened at IBM when you have a monoculture. IBM was a WASP company and they all had the same look… white male, flattop haircut, blue suit, white shirt with a blue tie. When along came two hippies with an idea of a desk top size computer they laughed at the idea, everyone knew that mainframes were the way to go.

An employee came forward and said that she was going transition and become a woman they wanted no part of it.

When you have diversity workforce you have diversity in the ideas. Different cultures, race, religions, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity sitting at the table you have diversity of ideas. We all look at problems differently because of our backgrounds.

When you have no diversity you have group thought. When you have angry WASP as your voter based you are going to have group think… throw out the immigrants… ban the gays… hate for POC… a

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