Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Bold Move

I don’t know if I would have jumped into the lion’s den like that but then danger always attracted her.
Transgender Navy SEAL Applies for Job in Trump Administration
By Amy Bushatz
November 25, 2016

Transgender retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck says she has applied for a job in the Trump administration in an effort to promote visibility for transgender and veteran issues.

Beck, who retired in 2011 after serving two decades in the Navy and on SEAL Team Six, said although she feels she is qualified to serve on civilian Pentagon staff, she would gladly do anything for the new administration, to include serving coffee.

"I'll carry their coffee if that's what they want -- just so I'm there, just so I'm visible and I exist, and so they see a veteran who is going through life who maybe they don't understand," she told Military.com during a telephone interview. "Maybe with that understanding, they can build some compassion and they'll understand what liberty means to me."
"I served my country; I fought for life, liberty and happiness; and I’m not allowed to have it myself," she said. "This is my country waving a flag and talking about liberty. We talk about liberty, liberty, liberty. And I keep saying, 'This is my individual liberty.' "
If anyone can do it, it is Ms. Beck, she has run in to enemy held buildings with guns a blazing, I don’t know which would be more dangerous; working in a Trump White House or attacking a Taliban position.

I met her a couple of years back and she is quite a person, very dynamic and out going.

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