Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 307

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 307

1. Someone posts a question on a website’s message board asking a simple question that could easily be answered with a Google search: does that bother you? Do you tell them to look it up, or would you just provide the answer?
I would cut & paste the answer with a link to the other site.

2. A co-worker in the cubicle next to you clips his fingernails regularly. Would this annoy you enough to make you complain?
No, this wouldn’t annoy me to point where I would complain. After all, I’m probably doing some that annoys him just as much.

3. You’re in line at a checkout counter when the person being waited on is delaying things because they won’t stop talking on her cell phone. Would this bother you? Would you say something about it?
Yes, I probably wouldn’t say anything for about 30 seconds, but then I might do something to indicate my inpatients.

4. At work, you go to the coffee area and see that the person before you has left a minor spill of coffee and sweetener. Would it bother you enough that you’d clean it up, or just leave it for someone else?
When I was working, I would clean it up and as Safety Director, I would probably post signs about cleaning up after yourself.

5. A co-worker’s cell phone keeps ringing every few minutes while they’re away from their desk. The ringtone is particularly annoying. If you knew they wouldn’t be back for an hour or more, would you be annoyed enough to turn the cell phone off?
No, I wouldn’t touch their phone… it might be buried by some mysterious way under a ton of papers

6. Someone you know regularly returns a, “Hello, how are you?” with a simple, “Fine” and no effort to ask how you are. Would this bother you enough to make you stop asking them if you knew they’d never return the courtesy?
It sounds like you are talking about me! :-)
I tend to not to reply, I fell it is a rhetorical question. Let me ask you a question, how do you feel when someone answers that they feel bad and goes off on a litany of their aliments?

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Cat. said...

I completely agree with your comments on #6. And no, I really don't want to hear other people's whining.