Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Busy Week

In between classes, reading and writing reports, I have been running around. Wednesday I went down to Mystic Aquarium with a couple of friends. One of my friends suggested going and that we could get library passes for 30% off, I never knew until recently that they had passes like. So I went to the town library and changed my name on my library card and got the pass.
The Beluga whales were real hams, when I was at the glass side of the tank one came up and winked at me and stopped so that I could take its picture (Or at least it looked that way.)

Next we headed over to see the seals. Boy, talk about having a lazy life, the bull seal just sunned himself on the rocks while his harem swam around.

The next exhibit was the Penguins and trying to photograph them through the glass was hard because I could not use the flash without getting a reflection from the flash and because they were zipping around underwater.

From there we went into the Sun Lit Seas exhibit which was all types and sizes of aquariums. I had the same problem there as I did take photos through the glass but even more so because of the dim lighting inside the building.

Finally we went to the Underwater Exploration building.

Yesterday I help one of the CTAC members buy an outfit for tonight’s Fashion Show and then in the afternoon I helped out at True Colors. I will be one of the models at the show besides organizing the models and making that they will have everything that they will need. Tomorrow I go to a speakers training session for the Stonewall Speakers in the morning.


Cat. said...

I love penguins, and belugas. Thanks for the cheery pictures!!

charlotte said...

Your photo's are amazing!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I think you are busier now that you have "retired"!

What wonderful photos! I think penguins are so cute and I love the belugas. Glad to see that you took a break from the books.