Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Roadway Beauties

This photo I took on the way up to my brother’s in Maine. Anyone who has traveled up I-95 to Maine will recognize this photo. It was taken in New Hampshire, during the summer you usually drive about 15 mph across the whole state of New Hampshire. The traffic backs up at the New Hampshire tollbooth at the Maine boarder all the way to Massachusetts on weekends.

On a normal drive it will only take about a half a hour to drive to drive across New Hampshire, but from Thursday to Sunday in the summer it can take up to a hour and a half to drive. I got bored sitting traffic so I snapped a couple of pictures of the traffic. The normal driving time is three hour drive from my house to my brothers condo but this time it took close to five hours, UGH! The were a number of accidents on I-495 plus the tie up for the tollbooth.

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Fleur de Lisa said...

Five hours is a long time! I'd get bored too- glad you had your camera.