Monday, September 04, 2017

Nevada Is One Of Those States…

That have a gender inclusive non-discrimination laws and they are trying to do the right thing for trans people who are incarcerated but they fall short in several areas.
ACLU of Nevada questions new policy on transgender prisoners
Las Vegas Review Journal
By Sean Whaley
September 1, 2017

CARSON CITY — The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada has voiced “grave concerns” about a new Nevada Corrections Department policy on transgender inmates adopted Wednesday by the Board of State Prison Commissioners.

The agency drafted its first transgender policy after receiving feedback from community organizations and advocates.

The policy requires staff assessment of inmates on a case-by-case basis. It also has provisions for transgender inmates to shower separately from other inmates and be housed in single cells as determined by the warden of the affected institution.
I believe that is what they do here in Connecticut, operate on case-by-case bases. The ACLU did also criticize the lack of using current terminology in writing the policies and they also found,
According to the ACLU statement, policies that allow transgender inmates to receive hormone replacement therapies only if they had been prescribed them before their incarceration conflict with prevailing standards of care for gender dysphoria and with the Eighth Amendment, “which bars prisons from denying access to certain types of treatments based on a blanket policy that does not allow for medical judgment based on an individual’s particular circumstances.”
Which I agree with the ACLU that inmates should be able to start their transition while incarcerated. Many times trans people cannot afford medical treatment and that is why they haven’t started to transition and that shouldn’t prevent them from starting treatment.

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