Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why Does It Take A Family Member…

…To bring about change.

It seems like some ardent anti-trans people when all of a sudden they have a child come out as trans change their tune while others disown their child because of their religious beliefs.
Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children: The Church Has Been Wrong
By John Pavlovitz
August 8, 2017

Parents out there with LGBTQ children: I see you.

I see your held back tears and the weariness you wear and the weight upon your shoulders.
I hear the grief in your voice when you talk about the faith you used to have or the prayers you used to say or the church where you used to feel welcome or the God your child once believed in.
He goes on to write,
If the Church ever forced or pulled your child out of a ministry position he or she loved simply because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, the Church was wrong.
If the Church ever shunned your family with silence or forced distance upon you because of your desire to love and accept your children fully, the Church was wrong.
I am not a religious person, I believe it is much more important on how you live your life and treat others but I am not against religion if they leave me alone. However, if they try to demonize me, deny me my human rights to live in peace, have a job, support my family, and have a roof over my head at night then I will fight them.

The current administration is pushing for “religious freedom” laws but what it is a license to discriminate against us, to hide their bigotry behind their religion. Remember that this is the same religion that said it was okay to own human beings.

These “religious freedom” bills give special rights to people to ignore the laws, there can be no religious test, because how can you prove that it is not a person’s belief?

I was raised as a Catholic and went to a Catholic junior high school and what I remember from my catechism is that God is about love not hate. However, hate seems to be the center of their teaching for many so called Christians.

He ends his article with,
I hope you never let the Church when it is wrong, temper your love for your children, your confidence in your own worth as a parent, or your belief in a good God who completely adores you and them.
To that I say “Amen.”

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