Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday 9: Start Me Up

Sam’s Saturday 9: Start Me Up (1981)
... because Kwizgiver recommended The Rolling Stones

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) That's a goat wearing a high heel. What's on your feet as you answer these questions?

2) More fashion: In the video for this song, Mick is wearing white pants with an elastic waistband. Are you wearing a belt as you answer these questions?
Yes, on my robe.

3) In this song, Mick pleads, "Don't make a grown man cry." When is the last time you shed a tear?
I do it all the time, I’m very emotional and empathic.

4) Keith Richard has said this is a song he could play "forever and ever."
What in your life doesn't get old, no matter how often you do it?
Good friends, good food, good music, and a bottles of good wine.
And if the food happens to be a lobster… I’m in heaven.

5) While The Rolling Stones enjoy performing songs, like this one, from Tattoo You, Mick Jagger has dismissed the songs from their 1967 album Their Satanic Majesties Request as "rubbish." Do you have a favorite Rolling Stones song?
This is another questions where it is impossible to answers. How can you pick between
Lady Jane, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Get Off of My Cloud, Wild Horses, Paint It Black, and Sympathy for the Devil?

6) This recording of "Start Me Up" features a cowbell. Do you remember which Saturday Night Live host made, "More cowbell!" a catchphrase?
SNL is way past my bedtime.

7) Bassist Bill Wyman once said he thought he should have been a archivist because he loved to make lists. Do you have a to-do list?
Yes, but I need a to-do list for the to-do list because I forget to look at it.

8) Mick finds it hard to stand still when he sings, not only on stage but also in the studio. The engineer for this song reports that Mick would have to run across the room to get back to the microphone for his vocal. Are you more fidgety, or still?
Both, it depends on the circumstance. I was fidgety when I was waiting to go on a Sunday morning talk show but other times it doesn’t affect me to talk before an audience of 200.

9) Random question: Do you believe men are inherently more sensible than women?
Oh wow! I think we are pretty much the same with only some minor differences. I do think that women are more of consensus builders and men are more authoritarians, but that is only a generalization.


  1. Love your answer to #9. I think it's very perceptive and yes, you're right, it's only a generalization. (But a good one!)

  2. i like your comment about to-do lists! That's me!!

  3. You get an A+ on that last answer. And yes, SNL is past my bedtime although, if it is getting a lot of press, I will watch it on Hulu- commercial free.

  4. Wow--great answer to #9!

  5. Yay! Someone else who loves food!! :-)

  6. "Good friends, good food, good music, and good bottles of wine." That would definitely not get old! Especially if the food was lobster (or shrimp or crab).

  7. I like "Get off of my Cloud" and "Lady Jane", too. Forgot about them.
    I think you have the best answer to #9. Men are very much more authoritarian.

  8. I have that problem with to-do lists, too. Always forgetting to look at them. But I'm a huge list maker. I even make lists of lists I need to make!

  9. Can I share the lobster? The Stones are my husband's favorite band so I know most of their songs.