Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Nobody Wants It

Only a small right-wing Christians Republicans legislatures down in Texas but they are powerful Republicans including the governor.

Now big oil has come out against the bill.
Big Oil weighs in on Texas 'bathroom bill,' warning it will threaten state's economy
LA Times
By Jenny Jarvie
July 31, 2017

In a significant blow to Texas cultural conservatives, some of the nation’s most powerful oil and gas companies on Monday joined the chorus of business voices opposing Republican lawmakers’ contentious “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people.

Leaders of more than 50 Houston-based businesses, including BP America, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Halliburton, signed a letter to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott urging him not to sign a so-called bathroom bill that would harm their ability to attract and retain talent from around the world.
“Any bill that harms our ability to attract top talent to Houston will inhibit our growth and continued success — and ultimately the success of our great state.”
They have joined businesses both large and small including tech companies. They are joined by clergy, police departments,  and according to the Texas Tribune the majority of Texans feel the same way,
Most Texas voters don't rate proposals to regulate transgender people's use of public restrooms as an important issue, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.
So what is motivating the Governor and Republicans, well this article got it right… politics!
The ‘bathroom’ bill isn’t about transgender Texans. It’s about politics of fear
By Amber Briggle
August 1, 2017

…Those of us who have been following these “bathroom bills” understand that this is nothing more than the politics of division. Once marriage equality became the law of the land, the far right needed to find another target that would play into their politics of fear: the “T” in LGBT. Like marriage equality or desegregation, this has nothing to do with “common decency” — but it has everything to do with winning primaries.
A lot of Texas politicians know that if they can get through the primaries, they’re pretty much guaranteed an Election Day victory. When candidates are promised rewards for taking a hard stand on something like bathrooms, the allure of that politics of fear becomes even greater. But if we do our research and look at the facts, we will come to see this for what it is: a trick to try and get the most extreme voters to cast ballots for the most extreme candidates.

Pay attention to the distractions that our politicians try to conjure up, like this bathroom bill. This isn’t about bathrooms; this is about politics and power. If we all show up and vote in the primaries, we might actually have a shot of turning this ship around.
She nailed it!

It is all about votes and campaign donations; it is about getting out the vote. Stir up the base to make sure that they go out and vote and maybe drop $10 in to the bucket.

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