Friday, August 11, 2017

I Have To Transfer You To Security…

I have heard that many times when I call my credit card company or bank, they don’t believe that I am Diana, however I never had this happen, but was close.
Trans woman’s bank account blocked because she ‘sounded like a man’
Pink News UK
By Meka Beresford
8th August 2017

A transgender woman in the UK has said that her bank account was blocked “because she sounded like a man”.

Drew Dalziel Santander account was blocked off by a customer service representative who misgendered her upon hearing her voice.

Dalziel is currently in vocal training and had phoned up the bank to query a charge she had incurred on her account.

She said that when answering security questions, she was told that her account would be blocked for a week because “she sounded like a man”.
Yeah, I’ve been there, so far I have been lucky and never had my account frozen, but I had it done for another reason that I will talked about later.
Dalziel said: “While I can see why this happened, it has been stressful.

“I haven’t had access to my money and have had to borrow to get by.

“I personally told the bank that I was transitioning and gave them my new deed poll papers, so they knew of my situation.

“I hope this doesn’t happen to other transgender customers.”

Since the incident, Dalziel has tried to lodge a complaint with Santander but came to no avail as she was told that gender is part of their security checks and the representative was just “following procedure”.
I agree that they followed policy just like they did for me, I believe that  voice should be one of the security checks but…

The policy should take into account trans people and other people who have a voice that doesn’t match their gender. There should be a way to notate that someone’s voice doesn’t match their gender if they are going to use a person’s voice.

Okay, what happened to me?

Well it was when I changed my name; all my credit card companies required a copy of the Probate Court order except one. They said that they could change my information over the phone, but the person on the phone spoke English as a second language so he was having a hard time understanding that I only was changing my first name. He ended up changing my last name also but he misspelled it and when I got my new credit card it had a wrong last name, so back to the phones. Another person who English as a second language and once again they misspelled my last name. This time when I called I got transferred to security and they froze my account until they figured it all out.

So now when I get my annual credit report it has on it an AKA with the two misspelled last names.

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