Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A Request

I know Helen Boyd and Betty (that is the names that they went by professionally when Helen published her first book). I first met them up at Fantasia Fair, and our paths have crossed many times.

Well Rachel Crowl starred in an independent film “And Then There Was Eve” and now she is in another movie… Helen explains it best on her blog.
Hey all

As you know, my wife got her first part in a movie last summer, which premiered a month or so again at Los Angeles Film Festival, where it also won its category.

She is right now in Las Vegas at work on her second film.

That’s where you all come in: she needs to join SAG, the actors’ union because she’s now gotten two movies (and those in addition to when she was on All My Children back in the day). It’s a $3000 fee to join the first time, and frankly, after many months of her working sporadically, we just don’t have that kind of cash around. If you can donate, please do, and thank you so much to everyone who already has, and to Darya, who started the fundraiser.
If you want to see more trans people staring in movies, this is a good cause.

How many trans people do you recognize in this video clip from the soap.

At the very end where Zoe said "First the first time in my life I know I'm not alone." hit a cord with me, that is how I felt at my first support group.

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