Wednesday, July 05, 2017

We’ve Been Around A Long Time

If you look at history you will find trans people scattered in history. Did you know the John Quincy Adam represented a trans person suing another for hitting her with a cane?

Or have you heard of Chevalier D’Eon the French spy? Or Dr. Alan Hart or George Sand?

The question “Where are all these transgender people coming from and why didn't I see any growing up in the 1980's?” was asked on Quora, there were many answers but I don’t agree with the answers.

Many of them said that we were in the closet, but there were a lot more that were out of the closet.

There were Christine Jorgensen, Lucy Hicks Anderson, Virginia Prince, Louise Lawrence, and at the Stonewall Uprising there were Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson just to name a few.

We were out and about and there never were any problems until the Republicans made it a problem and then the news picked it up.

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