Monday, July 03, 2017

We Don’t Want Your Kind Here!

We don’t usually hear something like that because the landlords are smart enough not to say that, instead we hear something, sorry that apartment has been rented.
Pilot Study Finds Housing Discrimination Against Gay Men, Transgender People
NBC Out News
By John Paul Brammer
July 2, 2017

A pilot study released Thursday by the Urban Institute found instances of housing discrimination against gay men and transgender people in three major U.S. metropolitan areas.

In Los Angeles and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where researchers sought to compare the experiences of gay men to heterosexual men and lesbians to heterosexual women, field testers posed as equally qualified rental home seekers who differed only in their sexual orientation. In Washington, D.C., the researchers compared the experiences of transgender and non-transgender people seeking a rental home.
"The pilot study results, though not generalizable, add to the emerging picture of discrimination in the housing market against lesbians, gay men, and transgender people, and lay the groundwork for more expansive studies of this kind," Levy told NBC Out
Discrimination is very hard to prove unless they do something stupid so one of the tools that can be used to prove discrimination is a sting. Where a trans person, or a lesbian or gay couples answer an ad and then a straight couple answer an ad and if the rental agent tells the LGBT couple that the apartment is rented and then tells the straight couple that it is still available… bingo we got them.

In addition, many LGBT do not want to bring legal action because there is a real fear of being black balled.

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