Friday, July 21, 2017

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Our story comes from all places this morning, Playboy.

Not valid research but more anecdotal in to trans people who change sexual orientation when they transition.
Going Straight: Investigating the Sex Lives of Transgender Women
By Katelyn Burns
July 19, 2017

According to Debra W. Soh, a sexual neuroscientist and one of Playboy’s resident sexologists, sexuality flips like mine are common among trans women. “Research has shown that about one third of trans women will report a change in their sexual orientation throughout their lifetime, and flipping can happen for a number of reasons,” she says. Sexuality is fluid and there are myriad reasons and situations in which trans women may feel their attractions shifting. Soh continues, “For some people, a change can represent sexual interests that were there all along but only became fully realized upon transitioning. For others it may be the result of romantic opportunities becoming available that weren’t before, like someone whom you wouldn’t have previously considered asking you out.”

Given that it’s fairly common, fears of a sexuality flip are a frequent concern for trans people starting hormone replacement therapy, especially for those already married or in a committed relationship with a straight partner. When I began transitioning last year, my marriage disintegrated quickly. Not only was my wife straight, but she worried I’d be attracted to men after transitioning. In retrospect, she was right to worry.
For many trans people, their transitions have hardened their original sexual attractions; for others, their transitions have allowed them to more fully explore their inner attractions. Trans people who experience a flip in their sexualities seem to be in the minority and trans people in general are more likely to be in the LGB spectrum than cis people are. It’s a common misconception that trans people transition in order to sleep with straight people of their sex assigned at birth. The combination of gender and sexuality is especially complex for transgender people, and we should be allowed to explore our true feelings without stigma or social pressure.
As I said this is not research but a collection of anecdotal stories but it raises so valid question about sexual orientation; is it fixed? Or can it change.

When I do cultural training I bring this up, how I have observed that some trans people’s sexual orientation change and I mention how this might be an interesting research topic.

Some of my thoughts are that their sexual orientation might have been repressed and before they transitioned it subconsciously buried and once they transitioned it might have boiled to the surface. Or maybe they just see that opposites attract.

What are your thoughts?

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