Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Door Is Shut

Whenever I go into a LG space I am a little nervous, it only happened once but you always wonder if it is going to happen again.
Trans woman in WeHo spit on, 'red flagged' by straight clubs because she is trans
By Timothy Rawles
July 3, 2017

Shayan Siren says she has felt transphobia in many of West Hollywood's straight nightclubs.

A West Hollywood trans woman who just wanted to go out with her friends to a straight club discovered that even in one of the most welcoming LGBT neighborhoods in the country they did not want her there because she is transgender.

Shayan Siren posted on Facebook on Saturday that she tried to get into a straight club called Hyde which is located right down the street from her house in the LGBT neighborhood of L.A., but she claims a promoter--someone she used to work with--"red-flagged" her across town because she is trans.
Last week Shayan says she was on the list to go Lana Del Rey’s birthday celebration at a club called 1 Oak.

“I walked in with a group of girls and they literally singled me out and they told me I couldn’t get in because I’m trans.
For me it happened in of all places Provincetown MA.

It was a cold and rainy night when five of us went in to a bar on the corner of Bradford St. and Carver, two of the group were gay men and one of them was the First Selectman of Provincetown, we sat down at a table and waited, and waited to be served. One of the guys caught the waiters eye and asked him to take our order and the waiter said we had to wait our turn. Now this would make sense except for the fact that only three or four tables were occupied and there were only a couple of guys sitting at the bar.

We then went to the A House (Atlantic House) where we probably each dropped fifty dollars on drinks and snacks.

Here in Connecticut I know of one trans persons was told to leave during Karaoke because she was making the other patrons nervous. As a result the bar lost its liquor license for a week and the CHRO slapped them with a fine.

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