Monday, July 10, 2017

Targets On Our Backs

We all know when we walk out the door anything can happen from being harassed, to being assaulted, and to even being killed.

I have been using that title and opening line way too often but unfortunately the violence against us continues and is increasing.
Trans woman intentionally hit by car in D.C.
Washington Blade
By Lou Chibbaro Jr
July 8, 2017

A woman identified by local activists as transgender was in critical condition this week after being “intentionally” struck by a vehicle driven by an unidentified suspect about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, July 5, along the 400 block of K Street, N.E., according to D.C. police.

A police report, which doesn’t disclose that the victim is transgender and identifies her by her birth name, says a witness told police that “the driver of a dark colored hatchback vehicle struck Victim 1 and fled the scene without making his identity known.”

It says a second witness reported that the fleeing vehicle struck a parked vehicle after hitting the victim and before traveling eastbound on K Street and south on 5th Street. The victim was taken to an area hospital by ambulance and was listed in critical condition, a police spokesperson said.

“Investigation revealed that Suspect 1 intentionally struck Victim 1 with the vehicle,” according to the police report.
“At this point, we don’t have enough evidence to say whether or not this may have been motivated by hate or bias, but it’s something we’re investigating,” said police spokesperson Rachel Reid.
Yeah right… it wasn’t a hate crime. The driver or as the police said “Suspect 1” went out of their way to hit this trans person. I suppose there could be other motives but considering that she is the second trans victim to be attacked within a week, it seems to me that there might be an “open season” on trans people.
Budd noted that the hit-and-run incident took place three days after another transgender woman was struck by a baseball bat wielded by an unidentified male suspect on the 1200 block of Half Street, S.W.

A police report for that incident says the victim told police the incident started when she was “hit by a Roman candle Suspect 1 was shooting off.” The report says the victim approached the suspect after he refused her request to stop shooting the fireworks in her direction.

“Suspect 1 ran,” the report states. “When Victim 1 turned around Suspect 1 started to charge at Victim 1 with a metal bat in his hand. Suspect 1 then began striking Victim 1 with the object,” the report continues.
When the politicians set the tone of hate, the hate mongers crawl out of the woodwork… they think that they have been given the green light.

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