Sunday, July 30, 2017

She Has A Uphill Battle

Do you know how hard it is to find something to write about that not about the Trans military ban? If you Google Transgender in Google News all that comes up is about the military ban so I had to dig into my backlog of articles.
Transgender woman challenges Virginia bathroom bill sponsor
Star Tribune
By Sarah Rankin AP
July 24, 2017

MANASSAS, Va. — She's a transgender woman and an experienced journalist who sings in a metal band in her spare time.

He has sponsored some of the most socially conservative legislation in Virginia in the past 25 years, including a measure this year that would have restricted the bathrooms transgender people can use.

Democrat Danica Roem is challenging Republican Bob Marshall for his northern Virginia seat in the state House of Delegates. With such stark differences between the candidates, the race is expected to draw in big money and is seen by some as a referendum on rights for gay and transgender people.

Roem would be the first openly transgender candidate to win and serve in a state legislature, according to the Victory Fund, a political action committee that supports her and calls Marshall "the most anti-LGBTQ member of the Virginia state legislature."
But she won the primary and has a good “war chest”…
Roem handily won a four-way primary in June and is part of a surge of young, first-time candidates Democrats hope will help it retake control of the GOP-led chamber for the first time in nearly two decades.

Campaign finance reports show she's off to a strong fundraising start. Roem raised $151,487 in the first six months of the year, compared with Marshall's $18,564, leaving her with about $9,000 less than Marshall on hand after expenses.
Like many southern states there is an influx of northerners who are starting to tilt longtime Republican stronghold and they hope that this is the case there.

There have been a number of trans people running for office and some of them have won but they won in towns where people know each other. However, there have been no state wide victories for trans candidates.

Let’s face it, being trans and a candidate is going to be hard no matter who it is running.

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