Friday, July 14, 2017

My First Thought… But They’re Trans Friendly!

Well they are but you always may get a sales clerk who isn’t or in this a case a country that isn’t trans friendly.
Transgender woman ‘faces discrimination’ at Victoria’s Secret store
Pink News UK
By Katharine Swindells
13th July 2017

A woman in Turkey has alleged that she experienced transphobic harassment from the staff in a Victoria’s Secret store when she tried to use the changing rooms.

Gülşen Afife claims that she entered the changing rooms in the Istanbul shop to try on a bra and was laughed at by the sales clerk.

When she pushed them, arguing that as an international company with many LGBT+ employees they should be more tolerant, Afife says she was told: “We have many gay employees but the customers are uncomfortable with you trying it on here.”

Afife stresses that changing rooms were separate cubicles, with only the waiting area being communal.

She says she told this to the managers, adding: “Are they uncomfortable at the common waiting area? Then you shouldn’t let trans women and gay people to enter the store.”
The incident occurred just days after Turkish authorities cancelled Istanbul Pride for the third year in a row.
Remember YMMV (Your Mileage May Very) on the way we are treated even here in blue Connecticut you can always run into a clerk who doesn’t follow corporate policy.

That is why I don’t like lists of “Trans friendly places” because all it takes is for a bigoted clerk or customer to make it very “unfriendly” business.

One time one of the support groups that I attended had on their website a list of “Trans friendly places” well of the bars that they listed as a LGBT friendly bar was sold and became a country & western bar complete with a bucking bull ride and when two trans women walked into the bar, to say the least, it was an unfriendly bar.

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